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The wake of the Global COVID-19 outbreak has & continues to cause widespread devastation. Zimbabwe has not been spared from the COVID-19 pandemic with our reported cases steadily growing each day.

Who are we?

I Am For Bulawayo - Fighting COVID-19 is a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together medical professionals, the business community, NGOs, churches, academic institutions, the Zimbabwean Diaspora and the Bulawayo community at large, to mobilise resources (human, financial and material) to fight against COVID-19 in Bulawayo and surrounding areas.

What will the money be used for?

The initiative seeks to assist in containing & effectively managing the COVID-19 outbreak in Bulawayo and surrounding areas through:

  • Furnishing and equipping the 4 hospitals (Mpilo, Thorngrove, Mater Dei, Ekusileni) selected for comprehensive Care, Treatment and Support following Testing, Contact Tracing and Isolation of potential COVID-19 cases in Bulawayo.
  • Supporting social protection interventions for food insecure families and persons living with pre-existing vulnerabilities.
  • Complementing government, donors and humanitarian agencies’ efforts of fighting and mitigating the adverse health, safety and socio-economic impact of the COVID19 pandemic.

Who will manage the efforts?

For assurance on matters of accountability for all resources given by well-wishers, a Trust has been registered to guide and administrate the broad-based initiative. The Confederation of Zimbabwean Industries (CZI) is the designated Secretariat while Coghlan and Welsh provide legal guidance. All donations (cash and kind) are receipted as a way of acknowledgement and will be accounted for by an internationally reputed accounting firm PNA Accountants and Deloitte and Touche has been confirmed as the auditor.

How will the money reach IAm4Byo Fighting COVID19?

  1. Forex Donations: VISA & MasterCard payments shall be settled to our Relief Fund Nostro FCA.
  2. Local Donations: Local Donations shall be settled to our Relief Fund Local RTGS$ account.

How will we account

All donations made via topup.co.zw will recieve an email confirming receipt of donation by I Am For Bulawayo Fighting COVID.
All donors may request a breakdown of how the donations were used.

Our sincere apologies, I am 4 Bulawayo Fighting COVID-19 Trust payments have been temporarily disabled
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