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Women and girls globally remain the face of poverty but more so in the Sub Saharan Africa where the contexts has failed to adequately protect them from abuse which stems from their dependency and lack of a kick-start to pursue their desired dreams. The girl-child remains more vulnerable with more recorded cases of school dropouts, child marriages, and trafficking, forced sex work among other forms of abuse. In this time of Covid-19 crisis, more needs to be done to close these gaps and facilitate that young women’s access to education is guaranteed while facilitating and supporting their dream careers.

Who are we?

Economic Justice for Women Project is a not for profit women focused organisation working towards young women’ssustainable economic independence. Its inception is founded on the inspiration to facilitate elimination of the inequalities that exist between men and women in levels of participation, competency and returns in economic activities thus reducing women’s vulnerability to varying forms of abuse due to their dependency.

What will the money be used for?

The money raised will be used to finance young vulnerable women’s economic plans and strengthen their ability to earn a sustainable income to reduce their vulnerability to abuse, child marriages and poverty. This is through:

  1. Providing start-up capital, knowledge and mentorship on running an enterprise.
  2. Education.
  3. Provision of basic sanitary needs.
  4. Food and clothing.

Who will manage the efforts?

EJWP staff, board members and community-based activists will help identify those in need of assistance following set due procedures.

How will the money reach Economic Justice for Women Project?

  1. Forex Donations: VISA & MasterCard payments shall be settled to our Nostro FCA.
  2. Local Donations: Local Donations shall be settled to our Local RTGS$ account.

How will we account

All donations received will receive an email confirming receipt of Donation by EJWP. All donors may request a breakdown of how the money was used.

Our sincere apologies, Economic Justice for Women Project payments have been temporarily disabled
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