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Who are we?

We are Eagles Wings Albinism Care & Support (EWACS for short). A Charity trust founded in 2019 with the intended aim of assisting persons with Albinism as well as the guardians and/or caregivers of persons with albinism. We aim to assist through mainly the following channels:

  • EDUCATION - Information drives and roadshows targeted at persons with albinism and their caregivers on how to best care for themselves. Also educate the community on what albinism is and reduce stigmatization and stereotyping
  • ADVOCACY - Push for structural and policy inclusive reforms that take into account the needs of persons with albinism
  • AIDE - Assist persons with albinism in acquiring essentials such as skin care products, head gear, eyeware, medical care, cancer screening etc through the help of any willing partners and donors.

What will the money be used for?

Unless specified by the donor, funds will be distributed amongst running programs beginning with basic PPE for COVID-19 and winter wear for persons with albinism and their families to help them through the tough winter and current pandemic as these are our main worry at the moment.

Beyond this initial effort, the funds shall be directed towards Medical costs for cancer screening, eyewear and skin care products and the costs of deploying these programs.

Who will manage the efforts?

EWACS will appoint of team of volunteers to roll out each and every project we undertake who will be under the direct instruction and supervision of our Treasurer, Norman Kamhuka. He will in turn identify partnerships with other organizations and establish agreements on roll out of the efforts in different areas of the country

How will the money reach EWACS?

  1. Forex Donations: VISA & MasterCard payments shall be settled to our Relief Fund Nostro FCA.
  2. Local Donations: Local Donations shall be settled to our Relief Fund Local RTGS$ account.

How will we account

All donations made via topup.co.zw will receive an email confirming receipt of donation by Eagles Wing Trust Fund. All donors may request a breakdown of how the donations were used.

Our sincere apologies, Eagles Wings Albinism Care & Support Trust payments have been temporarily disabled
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